Fieldin is excited to announce a number of feature updates as we launch Version 2.01 of our Control Center, helping growers improve visibility and efficiencies for the harvest season.

Below is a look at some of the new features in Version 2.01.

For more information, please feel free to contact your local representative to set up a harvest planning consultation and set up the proper permissions on our new mobile app.

New Harvesting Updates to the Fieldin Mobile App

Along with a handful of updates to our web app, we’ve launched a new mobile app for Directors, Ranch Managers, Crew Leads and Supervisors alike, to provide these key stakeholders with the ongoing information they need for managing day-to-day operations.

Download the new mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and make sure to allow push notifications on your mobile device to receive reports and ongoing updates even when you are not in the app itself.


Please contact your Grower Support Account manager today to set up the proper user permissions for the app and to gain access to all of the appropriate features your user account and operation need.

Here’s a look at the top features of the mobile app:

Progress Tab


The Progress tab provides a timeline overview of harvest activities by ranch. The user can toggle between different activities (conditioning, shaking, sweeping, etc.), and view information about each activity:

  • Shift start: Includes information about rigs that take part in the shift, operators assigned to them (when available), and time they began working.
  • Blocks treated: Includes information about the blocks where harvesting activities are taking place on the operation.
  • Current activity: Provides an updated status of current operations, including a breakdown of machinery used in the specific activity. This group of activity is refreshed at set intervals, providing the most up-to-date information, displayed according to rigs or according to blocks.
  • Progress summary: Includes cumulative information of the pace and results of the activity being done on the farm since the beginning of the shift, as well as reference to the number and duration of breaks to assess efficiency.

In case you are not actively in the app, you will be notified of the start of the shift and progress summary events using push notifications from your device.

Inbox Tab

The Inbox tab acts as a centralized location in which you can view your new reports, easily search for and access previous reports, and share reports with others.

When a new report of your operations is added, a push notification will be sent to your device, alerting you of the new report, and sending you to view it in the app.

The Inbox tab acts as a centralized location in which you can view your new reports, easily search for and access previous reports, and share reports with others.

Push Notifications

Our new push notifications ensure you are alerted of new notifications and important updates in the app, and are up to date with important operational information.

Harvesting Web App Updates

Fieldin’s Smart Harvesting platform has undergone a number of changes heading into the upcoming harvest season:

Track More Harvesting Activities

The goal of this month’s release is to give growers more actionable data for the harvest season, while streamlining that data so it’s easy to manage via our web dashboard and new mobile app.

We’ve also improved the entire chain of activities you can track during the harvest season. This will include adjustments to the Black Bar that includes other activity tracking for sweeping, conditioning, and harvesting:

  • Speed
  • Working efficiency
  • Net work hours
  • Acre passed/hour
  • Acres passed


New Harvest Alerts

Growers can now set up alerts for tree shake time issues, such as overshaking or undershaking. Managers can enter minimum and maximum shake times, and users are notified by text when the average shake time (across 10 or more consecutive trees) exceeds the grower’s accepted time threshold. This alert will enable managers to address slow-downs in the shaking process as they occur.

Monitor Harvest Rounds

Thanks to valuable feedback from our customers, we’ve added Harvest Round Tracking to our Harvesting platform, given harvesting is often comprised of multiple passes or rounds on an operation.

For example, almond growers may make multiple shaking rounds (per variety, etc.)  and the various rounds are comprised of different activities (sweeping, conditioning, harvesting, etc.).

Fieldin can now identify and count harvest rounds as they take place at the block level and associate the downstream activities appropriately. This will allow managers to better track harvest progress down to the block and variety level.

Harvest Progress Tab


The Harvest Progress tab analyzes orchard data relative to the actual area that has been shaken, rather than the overall area of the blocks.

Progress is referred to as the number of treated blocks out of the total number of blocks that are included in the harvest operation.

The progress is presented to the grower in several ways:

  • A visual representation of the treated blocks, showing which activities were performed in what blocks
  • A visual representation of the blocks that are still pending an activity, along with the number of days that have passed from the end of the upstream harvest activity


Harvest Planning & Benchmarking


Over the past few seasons, Fieldin has helped growers monitor hundreds of thousands of acres and tens of millions of trees during the harvest season.

That volume of data we’ve compiled has allowed us, in aggregate, to set crop-specific benchmarks for the harvesting season, to show how your operation compares against some of the most efficient growers in the industries.

Using our new Harvest Benchmarks reports, Fieldin can provide harvesting customers with the top three parameters they should focus on to optimize and improve performance this season:

  • Efficiency: Aimed to increasing the portion of the time operators spend on actual harvesting activities.
  • Shift Length: Aimed to reduce the delta between what is generally considered to be the shift duration (most commonly 9, 10, or 11 hours) and the actual working duration of the operators within that shift.
  • Tree Time: Indicative of the professional level of the operators, and aimed to reduce the drive time between trees to allow maximal coverage of trees during a shift.

Heading into the harvest season your team will be contacted by your regional Grower Support representative to help review your harvest goals and establish KPIs (key performance indicators) you can keep tabs on with Fieldin reports over the course of the season.

Contact your local grower support representative today for more information on our industry benchmarks and to set up a harvest planning session.