Author: Tal Weksler

Tal Weksler is the CTO at Fieldin. He has three girls and a dog and likes to drag them all on long hiking trips in his free time with at least one sci-fi book in the backpack.

CI and Testing, Part 2: Fieldin CI and Development Cycle

In part #1 of this two posts series, I wrote about the QA philosophy at Fieldin and now it is time to get into more details about our CI and development cycle….


CI and Testing, Part 1

Should developers do their own QA? The question of should developers do their own QA has risen in the past couple of years, especially with the increase of CD processes…


Altering big tables in mySQL

Altering a big-sized table is never a fun task. It can cause the table to lock for anywhere between a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. If the…