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Q&A with Fieldin CEO Boaz Bachar

There are now countless precision ag platforms that promise farmers smarter application of inputs, more accurate planting and harvesting windows, and better management of labor and other resources. But one chief complaint among farmers about agtech is that the creators often don’t understand enough about the day-to-day grind of farming.
Our company was started by growers for growers, so we worked directly with farmers early on to address the pain points they were seeing in the field,” Fieldin CEO Boaz Bachar told AgFunderNews. “It seems like common sense, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard startups talk about growers and farming like a foreign concept. The agriculture industry was here long before we were, and will be here long after.”
Using data analytics and artificial intelligence, FieldIn analyzes geospatial, chemical, biological, weather and other data to help growers plan their pesticide applications and then monitor them in real time to spot any errors in the application. The startup targets commercial-scale fruit, nut, and vegetable growers as well as application subcontractors who produce at least 1,000 acres. Some of their clients have tens of thousands of acres under management.

Fieldin won the Most Innovative US Startup Pre-Series A category for AgFunder’s 2019 Innovation Awards among a shortlist of startups nominated by the award’s committee, a who’s who in agri-foodtech venture capital.

Read the full Q&A on AgFunder News

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PODCAST: Fieldin Featured on The Modern Acre

Fieldin was featured today on The Modern Acre Podcast, showcasing its smart farming platform for commercial agriculture.

Western Region business development representative Neil Knaak sat down with Modern Acre’s Tim and Tyler Nuss to discuss technology on the farm, and how Fieldin is helping bring transparency and efficiency to various field activities.

“We take equipment in the field and add a layer of technology to it that now adds some clarity to what’s actually happening,” Knaak said.

The trio went on to discuss Fieldin’s service for smart spray management, which cuts down on missed rows, double sprays and ineffective applications (from driving too fast or too slow).

“The question that’s difficult to answer is: How well as that material actually being applied and what was the effect of that spray?” Knaak said. “That’s the gap Fieldin fills in.”

The trio also went on to talk about smart harvesting and tracking other key cultural practices in real time, and how growers are using the platform to improve harvest activities and catch various errors that occur during other field activities.

Listen to the complete interview on The Modern Acre Podcast website or iTunes.

You can also listen to other interviews with Fieldin on our Podcasts Page.

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Fieldin Wins AgFunder Innovation Award for Farm Tech


Fieldin on Wednesday night won a 2019 AgFunder Innovation Award in the Farm Tech category for its smart harvesting and spraying technology.
CEO and Co-Founder Boaz Bachar accepted the AgFunder Innovation Award on behalf of the team at the closing ceremonies of the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco.

“We’re really appreciative of the recognition,” Bachar said. “We’re proud of our platform, which was created by growers for growers. And our teams in the field and in the office on the R&D side, work extremely hard to create a platform that adds value to farmers every day.

“We’ve also been fortunate to work with and collaborate with some amazing growers and partners, and that innovation isn’t possible without good people both in the office and in the field.”

The companies showcased as part of the AgFunder Innovation Awards were nominated by a committee of global agrifood tech investors and the winners were peer-selected from more than 5,000 industry votes.

Founded in 2013 by Bachar and COO Iftach Birger, Fieldin’s smart farming platform helps growers optimize spray applications, harvesting and other critical farm management activities.

Fieldin’s technology seamlessly connects in-field sensors, tractors and machinery to provide managers with actionable data that improves production, transparency and efficiency in the field.

To learn more about Fieldin, visit

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Fieldin Nominated For AgFunder AgriFood Tech Innovation Award

We’re excited to be nominated for the third annual AgFunder AgriFood Tech Innovation Awards, which recognize the “innovators and entrepreneurs driving the agrifood tech sector forward.”

Fieldin was recognized in the Farm Tech category for its smart spray and harvest management technology.

Vote for Fieldin and your other favorite AgriFood Techs here.

And be sure to visit us at this week’s World Ag Expo, Booth #3013 inside Building C, where we will be hosting giveaways and a Happy Hour today from 3-5 p.m.

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