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Fieldin Featured on PMA Podcast

Fieldin has been featured on the latest episode of the PMA Takes on Tech Podcast with Vonnie Estes.

The episode, titled “How COVID is changing tech and tech companies,” is a townhall style conversation with Fieldin CEO Boaz Bachar, Carolyn Mooney, CEO and Founder,, and Lou Perez, Co-Founder and VP of Technology, Apeel Sciences.

“Discover how all along the fresh produce supply chain, technology formed in response to COVID is producing safer, more efficient tools for our industry,” the podcast notes.

Listen to the podcast.

Thanks to the Produce Marketing Association for featuring Fieldin’s smart farm platform for specialty crop growers.

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Fieldin to Demo Latest Platform Updates at Upcoming Ag Shows

The season is wrapping up for many of our growers, but we’re just getting started improving our award-winning platform for the 2020 season.

The Fieldin team is proud to be sponsoring and exhibiting at a handful of conferences in coming weeks, demonstrating the latest features of our Control Center for specialty crop growers.

Here’s a look at the upcoming shows we’ll be sponsoring/exhibiting at over the next month:
Upcoming Events
South Valley Nut & Citrus Conference
Nov. 20, 7 a.m.- 1 p.m.
Location: Tulare Fairgrounds
215 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, Tulare, CA
Blue Diamond Annual Meeting
Nov. 20, 7 a.m.- 2 p.m.
Fieldin Booth: #33
Location: Modesto Centre Plaza
1150 9th Street
Modesto, CA 95354
Almond Conference
Dec. 10-12
Fieldin Booth: #601
Location: Cal Expo,
1600 Exposition Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815
Be sure to stop by our booth and meet our local team and grower support representatives, who help customize our solution for growers, set up custom reports and find efficiencies for your operation’s mechanical field operations.

Whether you’re looking to cut down on missed rows and other spray errors, improve harvesting activities, or be more efficient with mowing, hedging and other practices in the offseason, Fieldin has the solution for you.

Contact us today to set up a time to meet at the show.

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Q&A with Fieldin CEO Boaz Bachar

There are now countless precision ag platforms that promise farmers smarter application of inputs, more accurate planting and harvesting windows, and better management of labor and other resources. But one chief complaint among farmers about agtech is that the creators often don’t understand enough about the day-to-day grind of farming.
Our company was started by growers for growers, so we worked directly with farmers early on to address the pain points they were seeing in the field,” Fieldin CEO Boaz Bachar told AgFunderNews. “It seems like common sense, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard startups talk about growers and farming like a foreign concept. The agriculture industry was here long before we were, and will be here long after.”
Using data analytics and artificial intelligence, FieldIn analyzes geospatial, chemical, biological, weather and other data to help growers plan their pesticide applications and then monitor them in real time to spot any errors in the application. The startup targets commercial-scale fruit, nut, and vegetable growers as well as application subcontractors who produce at least 1,000 acres. Some of their clients have tens of thousands of acres under management.

Fieldin won the Most Innovative US Startup Pre-Series A category for AgFunder’s 2019 Innovation Awards among a shortlist of startups nominated by the award’s committee, a who’s who in agri-foodtech venture capital.

Read the full Q&A on AgFunder News

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PODCAST: Fieldin Featured on The Modern Acre

Fieldin was featured today on The Modern Acre Podcast, showcasing its smart farming platform for commercial agriculture.

Western Region business development representative Neil Knaak sat down with Modern Acre’s Tim and Tyler Nuss to discuss technology on the farm, and how Fieldin is helping bring transparency and efficiency to various field activities.

“We take equipment in the field and add a layer of technology to it that now adds some clarity to what’s actually happening,” Knaak said.

The trio went on to discuss Fieldin’s service for smart spray management, which cuts down on missed rows, double sprays and ineffective applications (from driving too fast or too slow).

“The question that’s difficult to answer is: How well as that material actually being applied and what was the effect of that spray?” Knaak said. “That’s the gap Fieldin fills in.”

The trio also went on to talk about smart harvesting and tracking other key cultural practices in real time, and how growers are using the platform to improve harvest activities and catch various errors that occur during other field activities.

Listen to the complete interview on The Modern Acre Podcast website or iTunes.

You can also listen to other interviews with Fieldin on our Podcasts Page.

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Fieldin Hosts Almond Board Visit to Israel

Thanks to Almond Board of California’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Karen Lapsley and Environmental Affairs Senior Specialist Jesse Roseman for visiting with Fieldin’s team in Israel this week to learn more about our smart farm management platform and how we’re helping bring efficiency and transparency to the Almond Industry.


We’re looking forward to assisting the industry meet its Almond Orchard 2025 Goals to improve production with less waste!

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What Ross’ Reappointment Means for California Growers

Karen Ross was reappointed as the Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) on Tuesday.

So what does Ross’ reappointment mean for California agriculture? Well, we’re expecting much of the same with a continued emphasis on precision ag technologies to improve the efficiency of our inputs (pesticides, fertilizers, water, energy use, etc.).

Ross “returns” as California’s Secretary of Agriculture after spending the previous eight years in the same role under Gov. Jerry Brown.

During the past eight years, California agriculture has seen its ups and downs, but for the most part has continued to flourish and is the top producer of many of the fruits, nuts and vegetables that we eat nationally in the U.S.

Over the second half of Ross’ tenure, the CDFA also made a concerned effort to get more technology in the hands of growers, through the help of grants and other programs such as the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP) and Healthy Soils Program (HSP).

While administration changes at the federal and state levels will surely affect the dollars earmarked for agriculture over the next two to three years, we’re expecting California growers will continue to be encouraged to adopt precision ag technologies in an effort to improve efficiencies and protect state resources. Not to mention help growers meet increasingly stricter regulations when it comes to spraying, nutrition programs, water management, labor and land use.

After all, as the CDFA’s press release noted in the opening paragraph of the Ross announcement, “the state cabinet-level department was established in 1919 to promote and protect a safe, healthy food supply, local and global agricultural trade, and environmental stewardship.”

In one of her last conference appearances before being reappointed, Ross made a point to emphasize the importance of leveraging ag technologies to meet future food demands and establish benchmarks (think pest control, fertilizer and irrigation management) to not only improve production but get the most out of our resources.

“It’s about documenting what we’re doing and being able to quantify it, and being able to measure and monitor the progress that we continue to make – creating a benchmark that we can all measure ourselves against,” Ross said at last month’s Almond Conference in Sacramento. “That’s the secret to continuous improvement.”

The direction of California agriculture remains to be seen, but you can expect technology to play a major role in helping growers meet future regulations coming down the pike.

Contact us to learn how Fieldin is helping growers do just that, bringing efficiency and transparency to everyday cultural practices, spraying and harvesting activities.

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