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PODCAST: Fieldin Featured on The Modern Acre

Fieldin was featured today on The Modern Acre Podcast, showcasing its smart farming platform for commercial agriculture.

Western Region business development representative Neil Knaak sat down with Modern Acre’s Tim and Tyler Nuss to discuss technology on the farm, and how Fieldin is helping bring transparency and efficiency to various field activities.

“We take equipment in the field and add a layer of technology to it that now adds some clarity to what’s actually happening,” Knaak said.

The trio went on to discuss Fieldin’s service for smart spray management, which cuts down on missed rows, double sprays and ineffective applications (from driving too fast or too slow).

“The question that’s difficult to answer is: How well as that material actually being applied and what was the effect of that spray?” Knaak said. “That’s the gap Fieldin fills in.”

The trio also went on to talk about smart harvesting and tracking other key cultural practices in real time, and how growers are using the platform to improve harvest activities and catch various errors that occur during other field activities.

Listen to the complete interview on The Modern Acre Podcast website or iTunes.

You can also listen to other interviews with Fieldin on our Podcasts Page.

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PODCAST: Western Growers’ “Voices of the Valley” discusses smart pest management, global expansion with Fieldin

Fieldin was featured on the latest edition of the “Voices of the Valley” podcast, hosted by the Dennis Donahue of Western Growers.

Vice President of Business Developent Eyal Amit discussed the advances of real-time data for smart pest management as well as Fieldin’s expansion into international markets.

Show notes: 

Last year, Fieldin saved specialty crop growers millions of dollars in pest management by monitoring spray applications and providing alerts, in real time, on more than 6,000 application errors. More impressively, this agtech start-up company has only been up and running for three years and it already monitors almost five percent of the almond crops in California. In this episode of Voices of the Valley, Eyal Amit, VP Business Development at Fieldin, shares how his Israel-based startup offers specialty crop growers a data software service that provides automated traceability on pest management trends, patterns, usage and efficacy.


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PODCAST: California Ag Today Discusses Keeping Close Track of Spray Operators with Fieldin

Fieldin’s Neil Knaak recently sat down with Patrick Cavanaugh of California Ag Today to discuss the benefits of smart pest management and tracking spray operators in real time.

“What happened in your spray program?” Knaak asks. “So many PCAs are writing the recs and sending their drivers out, and they don’t know. They don’t see the speeds at which they’re driving. They’re skipping rows. The quality kind of degrades as the night goes on and managers can’t work 24 hours a day. So we’re really revealing for them.”

Listen to the full podcast at: or download it here



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