Fieldin’s Smart Cultural Practices module helps growers improve efficiencies during other cultural practices such as mowing, hedging, and more …

Using proprietary sensors and our user-friendly apps, Fieldin’s technology seamless connects tractors, machinery and in-field sensors to provide managers with actionable data all year long.

Connect Your Entire Farm

Connect any additional equipment to the Fieldin platform using RFID technology to wirelessly detect the type of implement attached to the tractor.

Receive Alerts

Set up alerts for different working speeds to improve operator efficiency.

Field Oversight

Real-time dashboard highlights key trends and issues across all cultural activities.

Log All Field Activities

View cultural activities performed on a specific date, including the type of machinery and the relevant blocks.

How It Works

Data collection

Fieldin’s smart sensors are installed on the equipment list provided by your operation.


All data is recorded in real-time and transmitted to the Fieldin platform for analysis with other machinery, operators and field conditions.

Decision making

Recommendations and conclusions are available in the dashboard, or emailed reports, for real-time analysis and management.

Your entire operation, covered

Real-time data that matters

  • Automatically access and logo data from all mechanical cultural practices, from hedging to mowing.
  • View real-time cultural activities on the farm using our “Live Mode.”
  • View current weather conditions and other key data points from the field.

Simplified summary reports

  • Get daily, weekly and seasonal reports customized by our Grower Support team to fit your needs.
  • Analyze the costs and efficiency of each activity and compare between assets, operators and blocks.

Analyze and adjust

  • Automatically identify operators using Driver ID to monitor and improve performance.
  • Track efficiency of various equipment and different blocks.
  • Replay shifts, view location of machinery to determine next steps.

Completely customizable

Have a cultural practice that’s difficult to track or unique to your operation?

Contact our team today to see how our custom solutions help growers monitor every mechanized aspect of field operations.

Our Clients

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