About Us:

Founded in 2013, Fieldin provides smart farming services for commercial agriculture, helping growers manage and optimize pesticide applications, harvest activities and other critical field operations from a single platform.

Developed by farmers for farmers, Fieldin seamlessly connects tractors, machinery and in-field sensors to equip managers with actionable data that improves production and crop protection practices.

Our fast-growing agriculture technology company is expanding to meet the ever-increasing demand for our products.

Fieldin cracked the code on digitizing farms. Our VC funded startup assembled a great team of professionals who are closely tied to the soil.

Job description:

  • Join the R&D group in the Backend & FullStack team and will develop in a scalable environment.
  • The Frontend Developer will enjoy developing from scratch new products, as well as, keep developing the flag-product in high standards and optimal coding environment.
  • The Frontend Developer will work closely with the following team: Backend/ FullStack, QA & Product.


  • at least 3-year experience with AngularJS/Angular
  • experience with other frameworks (Vue, React) – big bonus
  • strong experience with CSS including all latest trends
  • strong experience with toolchain (webpack, babel,…)
  • knowing some backend is always a bonus

To apply, send your resume to careers@fieldintech.com