Smart Harvesting

Optimize harvest with actionable data from in-field equipment

We help some of the largest grape growers in the world leverage real-time data to shed light on their harvesting operations …

Using proprietary sensors and mobile apps, Fieldin’s technology seamless connects with harvesters and other machinery to help growers better manage and optimize field activities.

Access Real-Time Data from Anywhere

Track harvesting data points in real-time, such as drive time, acres covered per hour, and more

Get Alerts for Ineffective Drive Times

Set up alerts to prevent fast or slow drive times, or notifications for loading or refilling.

Find and Fix Inefficiencies

Compare multiple machines, operators, harvesting patterns and different blocks

Receive Daily Custom Reports

Get daily reports by email to grade performance or identify harvest errors

How It Works

1. Data collection

Fieldin’s smart sensors are installed on the equipment list provider by your operation.

2. Analysis

All data is recorded in real-time and transmitted to the Fieldin platform for analysis with other machinery, operators and field conditions.

3. Decision making

Recommendations and conclusions are available in the dashboard, or emailed reports, for real-time analysis and management.

Harvesting Data for Wine Grapes

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