Harvest season has begun in the U.S., and we’re excited to be rolling out new products and features to help you better manage harvest operations:

Presenting Our New Harvest Dashboard

Fieldin is proud to be launching our new Harvest Control Center, which complements our map view of your operation’s harvest, sweeping and shaking data.

Along with the map overview, we’ve developed a centralized dashboard with all of your key harvest data aggregated and analyzed in real-time in one place.

In the new dashboard, you can monitor live or previous shift activities, compare the performance of operators and rigs, view harvesting trends, follow block-level shaking progress, and get status updates of each block in the harvest process.

In this overview, we will give you a quick overview of the different screens and features, so you can start optimizing harvest activities immediately.

How to Access Your Harvesting Dashboard

Getting to the harvest dashboard view is simple.

On your mobile phone: Select Harvest from the side menu, and open the dropdown menu on the top of the screen to switch between Map and Dashboard views.

On your computer: Select the Harvesting tab on the top of the screen. When hovering over that tab, a menu will appear where you can switch between Map and Dashboard views.

Follow All Harvest Activities in Real-Time

Select the first tab in order to view all of your live harvest activities, from shakers to sweepers and harvesters.
You can follow each activity by rig or block view.

Review Activity From Previous Shifts 

Select the second tab in order to view all recent and past shifts.
You can select activity for yesterday, last week or any another time frame you wish to view. 

Find Efficiencies by Comparing Operators or Rigs

Select the third tab to compare performance between operators or rigs.
You can compare a handful of parameters, including Trees/Hour, Avg. Shake Time and Avg. Tree Time (shake+drive).

Follow Harvest Activity Trends Throughout the Season

Select the fourth tab to review different activity trends during and after the harvest season, such as:
Avg. Shake Time/Day

Have questions about these updates, or want to speak with someone on our Grower Support team? Contact us today