Who We Are

Fieldin is an end-to-end farm management solution for specialty crop growers.

Established in 2013, our team leverages farmer intuition and experience together with actionable data science to create a new level of transparency, traceability and collaboration on the farm.

Our technology is designed by growers, for growers. We connect to every machine and data point relevant to the professional field processes, optimizing decision-making and providing in-depth insights that make your farm more efficient and productive. 

Your Farm Command Center

Track & control professional activities on your farm
Connect all relevant machinery taking part in professional processes such as spraying and harvesting, identify issues and provide on-the-go solutions and control every process.

Get real-time alerts on application errors
Get notifications on speed exceptions, spray volume, skipped rows, double sprays, and unsuitable weather conditions.

Benefit from agronomic support
Our professional, dedicated Success Managers provide you with ongoing support and service.

Optimize field performance
System reports summarize the efficiency of harvest activities and pest control applications.

Improve communication on your farm
Automated connection between data points within the farm creates seamless communication among your team – scouts, pest control advisors, managers and operators, all benefit from comprehensive knowledge of what is going on in your farm.

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