Josh Campo

PCA & Operations Manager, Del Don Farms

As a PCA and Operations Manager for Del Don Farms, Josh Campo is not only hyper-focused on the quality and efficacy of spray applications, but the efficiency of their field equipment as well.

“For us, logistics is a big thing,” said Campo, who uses Fieldin to help manage more than 6,400 acres of almonds, walnuts and olives from Stockton to Dos Palos. “We only have so many people who are able to move machinery.”

So when machines are down, or in some cases missing completely, Campo wants to know about it … immediately.

That’s where Fieldin’s Smart Farm Control Center comes into play, giving Campo and his team “eyes in the sky that let us know when a machine is down, and if and when we need to get another machine in there.”

Like one morning this past spring, when an employee discovered one of their tractors had gone missing in a nearby olive orchard.

“The guy gets there at 7 o’clock and calls me and says, ‘Hey, the tractor’s not here.’”

Turned out the tractor had been stolen the night before.

“We got down to the bottom of it with Fieldin, picked it up and showed the last location of the tractor, and found out it was about a mile down the road,” he said. “We ended up going out, found it, got it back up in running shape. Our downtime was only a matter of a couple hours, when we could have never found this tractor again without this system.”

While real-time monitoring and tracking saved the tractor, the power of Fieldin’s platform is in its ability to improve run-time efficiencies and the quality of field work. From reporting the quality of sprays, notifying managers of missed rows or speed issues, to identifying issues with shaking and harvesting activities, Fieldin helps managers improve field operations throughout the season.

It shows you exactly what you did last shift, play by play,” Campo said. “You can play (shifts) again and see exactly how long they were in the yard filling up, how long their breaks were. It’s great to be able to see what the outliers were in that evening.”

“Maybe you have three sprayers, and two sprayed 80 acre, and one guy only sprayed 50 acres. Well, this system lets you understand why they were short 30 acres at night.”

Fieldin’s Smart Spraying module also grades the previous night’s spray shift, and sends managers a report that helps them improve spray applications and can even identify missed rows or double sprays.

“It’s a great system to see, with the grading feature, how well we sprayed with the wind and the temperature and time to give us an overall grade so we can better ourselves,” he said. “With the grading scale, we can improve sprays into that 80-90% range… instead of some blocks where we were previously in the 60s just due to the temperature and other factors.”

Patterson, CA


Almonds, Olives, Walnuts

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