Get Alerts of Spray Errors Before Damage is Done

Preventing missed sprays with Fieldin’s real-time spray tracking, alerts and daily email reports, ensures growers spray the right amount, at the right time, on every tree or vine.

For almond growers, for example, missing a row, or applying at the wrong rate/speed, could cost growers more than $1,000 an acre in Navel Orangeworm damage.

According to a recent report by the University of California Cooperative Extension, NOW damage can cost growers as much as $1,742 an acre, at 20% damage.

At $2.25/lb, growers with 9% damage could lose as much as $1,082/acre due to NOW issues.

Using Fieldin to monitor spray applications, growers can ensure every tree/row is sprayed, and help curtail NOW damage, improving production by more than $1,000 an acre:

Without Fieldin With Fieldin
YIELD (LB.)/ACRE 2,300 2,600
DAMAGE % 9% 1%
REVENUE/ACRE* $4,709 $5,791
Savings with Fieldin:
/ acre