Compare Operator A to Operator B to Improve Performance

Using Fieldin, growers are able to monitor and follow harvesting activities in real-time, and ensure they’re getting the most out of their crews and equipment throughout the harvest season.

In this case study, the grower noticed that the more experienced Operator A was outperforming newer Operator B by shaking considerably more trees per hour.

This can also be seen in the video log below, which shows the discrepancy between operators.

The grower then took this data to show Operator B the appropriate shake/drive times, and helped close the gap between operators and improved production:

Before Fieldin After Fieldin
AVG. TREE TIME (SEC.) 13.7 12.1
AVG. SHAKE TIME (SEC.) 4.7 3.78
TREES/HOUR 128. 1 227.3
EFFICIENCY (%) 48% 76%
COST/TREE ($)* $0.93 $0.52
COST/ACRE ($)** $103 $57.20

*Based on cost of $120/hour
**Based on 110 trees/acre

Savings with Fieldin:
/ acre