Compare Operator vs. Operator Break Times

Agriculture is a seven-days a week job. Bring clarity to all of your field operations, whether your operators are working in the middle of the night, or on weekends and holidays, with Fieldin.

In this particular case study, the grower is able to compare the efficiency of different operators and sees that Operator A is taking a morning break of 50 minutes versus Operator B taking an 80-minute break.

Standardizing break times can help the grower optimize production and minimize the number of spray events needed per season, at the tune of:

  • $28.20 /Acre/Year
  • For a potential savings of $282,000**
Op. A (S02) Op. B (S07)
ACRE/HOUR 4.4 3.7
COST/ACRE/YEAR* $144.80 $173

* Based on a $80/hour
** For 10k acre farm

Savings with Fieldin: