Linda Jaimes

Viticulture Logistics Manager, Vineyard Professional Services (Paso Robles, Calif.)

As the Viticulture Logistics Manager for Vineyard Professional Services, Linda Jaimes needs to be connected to everything going on across their Central Coast vineyard operations.

Fieldin’s Smart Farm Control Center helps Jaimes do just that, giving her a bird’s eye view of spray applications and other cultural practices. Fieldin’s suite of monitoring services for spraying and other mechanized activities connects VPS equipment with each other as well as to managers, owners and other stakeholders.

And that real-time data comes in handy at VPS, which manages over 2,400 acres of vineyards from Monterey to Santa Barbara County.

This software has been a very useful tool when it comes to locating equipment and tracing the work progress in the multiple vineyards VPS manages,” Jaimes said. “More benefit to me as the vineyard logistics manager, is I’m able to see the jobs assigned becoming complete.”

Fieldin smart spraying module allows managers to track spray events in real-time, grading each shift and alerting managers of any issues related to spray conditions, missed rows or double sprays.

“During the spray season, the ability to see the missed or double sprayed rows became significant to verify if the spray was conducted accurately,” she said. “In the growing season, having all our vines covered by the spray is crucial in fighting mildew and other pests. At harvest, it became easier to see where our equipment was spread out across all the vineyards. It saved us time by not having a person physically verify equipment location.”

A former assistant vineyard manager, Jaimes is now in charge of directing equipment and personnel scheduling for all equipment operations at VPS. Over her first season as Viticulture Logistics Manager, Jaimes said Fieldin’s platform helped VPS improve efficiencies during spraying and other mechanized activities.

By preventing downtime and ensuring optimal drive and work time of machine operators, Fieldin customers are able to improve coverage by 25% more acres per shift on average.

Paso Robles, Calif.


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