There are now countless precision ag platforms that promise farmers smarter application of inputs, more accurate planting and harvesting windows, and better management of labor and other resources. But one chief complaint among farmers about agtech is that the creators often don’t understand enough about the day-to-day grind of farming.

Our company was started by growers for growers, so we worked directly with farmers early on to address the pain points they were seeing in the field,” Fieldin CEO Boaz Bachar told AgFunderNews. “It seems like common sense, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard startups talk about growers and farming like a foreign concept. The agriculture industry was here long before we were, and will be here long after.”

Using data analytics and artificial intelligence, FieldIn analyzes geospatial, chemical, biological, weather and other data to help growers plan their pesticide applications and then monitor them in real time to spot any errors in the application. The startup targets commercial-scale fruit, nut, and vegetable growers as well as application subcontractors who produce at least 1,000 acres. Some of their clients have tens of thousands of acres under management.

Fieldin won the Most Innovative US Startup Pre-Series A category for AgFunder’s 2019 Innovation Awards among a shortlist of startups nominated by the award’s committee, a who’s who in agri-foodtech venture capital.

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