Remote farm management has never been more critical to our growers …

Whether it’s due to health and travel limitations, expanding acreage or labor shortages, farm managers need remote visibility into what’s happening across their operations. And they need that data in real-time.
The Fieldin Control Center does just that, providing remote visibility into all field activities, from labor tracking to spray application monitoring, harvest management to pest scouting.

Smart Spraying & Scouting

Remove the blindfold from spraying activities with real-time data that ensures optimal timing and execution:

  • Receive alerts for skipped rows, high speed, spray volume, double sprays, unsuitable weather conditions.
  • Track real-time GPA, spray flow rate, output and coverage analysis.
  • Daily reports summarize application quality and efficiencies, highlight any issues.
  • Bridge the gap between spray applications and field scouting to better manage pest pressures and spray schedules.
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Cultural Practice Monitoring with Fieldin
smart harvesting

Smart Harvesting

Situational View to the Block Level

Get real precision data down to the block level, tracking:

  • Trees per shift
  • Seconds per tree
  • Seconds per shaking
  • Acres/hour

Pinpoint Roadblocks in the Process

  • Track days from sweeping to shaking
  • Monitor days from shaking to picking
  • Set up custom alerts for other pain points in the process

Avoid Equipment Failure Before It Happens

Leverage real-time data to avoid mechanical damage during shaking activities

Track run hours across all in-field machinery

Improve Harvest Activities, Now & Later

Use reports to compare shakers, operators and blocks, and improve operations for the current season and upcoming campaigns.

Smart Cultural Practices

Gain additional transparency into other key cultural practices

  • Integrated asset management, track ATVs and other equipment in the field.
  • Compare all equipment operators, analyze shifts, refilling operations and more.
  • Leverage industry benchmarks and insights from the largest specialty crop data set in the industry.
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