Smart Spraying

Optimize spray activities with real-time data from spray rigs
Cultural Practice Monitoring with Fieldin

Fieldin has assembled the most comprehensive AgPest dataset in the industry. Put our knowledge base and real-time field data to work for your operation today …

Using proprietary sensors and our innovative scouting app, Fieldin’s technology seamlessly connects every stage of the pest management lifecycle ⁠— from field scouting and spray planning, to execution and analysis.

Real-Time Data for Immediate Action

Use real-time data to improve efficiency and timing of sprays

Receive Alerts, Spray Reports

Get instant alerts for spray errors, skipped rows, double sprays and more.

Find and Fix Inefficiencies

Compare efficiencies of various spray operators.
Improve refill timing, mix tank efficiencies.

Custom Reports and Grower Support

Receive daily spray grade performance and customized reports from your dedicated Grower Support Team.

How It Works

1. Data collection

Fieldin’s smart sensors are installed on the equipment list provided by your operation.

2. Analysis

All data is recorded in real-time and transmitted to the Fieldin platform for analysis with other machinery, operators and field conditions.

3. Decision making

Recommendations and conclusions are available in the dashboard, or emailed reports, for real-time analysis and management.

smart spraying

Optimize the entire pest management cycle

Scouting App

  • Identify pest types, severity levels, phenological stage and re-entry intervals.
  • Trap and pest hotspots maps, displaying critical data such as type, measurements and pull/set date.
  • Field report summaries including notes and geo-tagged photos.

Planning Tools

  • Spray scheduler based on block-level weather forecast, pre-harvest interval, days to harvest and product info.
  • Automated spray log by block.
  • Seamless creation of work orders for all stakeholders.

Operational View

  • Equipment tracking, including driver recognition, location, speed, GPA, activity time and RPM.
  • Alerts on spray errors (based on recs): high-tractor speed, wrong location, volume, double spray, missed rows and weather changes
  • Spray quality report and analysis detailing application performance against spray rec.

Data Analysis

  • Efficiency reports highlighting activity trends and patterns.
  • Benchmark different farms, teams, spray rigs and application timings.
  • Product efficacy analysis for block level

The ROI is immediate, one to two months … and that’s been every year we’ve used the Fieldin platform.”

Logan Henderson

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