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Fieldin Opens New Office in Downtown Fresno


FRESNO, Calif. (Feb. 7, 2019) – Fieldin has opened a new office in Fresno, Calif, as it continues its rapid growth in California’s Central Valley.

The move to the Bitwise Hive office in Downtown Fresno (2600 Ventura Ave.) will allow the fast-growing AgTech company to continue providing best-in-class service to its growers, expand its team by hiring within one of the state’s largest ag markets, as well as work closer with community leaders, partners and educators to improve its smart farming platform.

Fieldin also has a new office in Israel, where the company was founded in 2013, as well as existing offices in San Jose, Salinas, and recently announced its move into Argentina.

“We’ve been looking forward to this expansion for a long time and are thrilled to be more ingrained in the Fresno-area business, tech and agriculture community,” said Fieldin CEO and Co-Founder Boaz Bachar, who started moving into the new office late last year. “We’ve been working here for a few years now, but this move will allow us to expand more rapidly, and work closer with community leaders, our partners, the local university to hire interns, and will really help round out our expertise in all areas of the agriculture supply chain.”

Fieldin’s smart farming platform helps growers optimize spray applications, harvesting and other critical farm management activities.

Using proprietary sensors and user-friendly software, Fieldin’s technology seamlessly connects in-field sensors, tractors and machinery to provide managers with actionable data that improves production, transparency and efficiency in the field.

“It’s great timing, because we’re getting ready to kick off another season,” said Fieldin COO and Co-Founder Iftach Birger. “It’s important to remain close to our customers and get their feedback and insights to continue evolving our technology. Our platform was created by growers for growers, so we look forward to working closely with our customers and partners, to learn their needs throughout the season.”

To learn more about Fieldin, visit www.fieldintech.com.

About Fieldin:

Founded by CEO Boaz Bachar and COO Iftach Birger in 2013, Fieldin’s field intelligence platform helps growers manage and optimize pesticide applications, harvest activities and other critical field operations.

Using proprietary sensors and mobile-friendly software, Fieldin’s technology seamlessly connects tractors, machinery and in-field sensors to provide managers with actionable data that improves production, transparency and efficiency in the field.

To learn more, visit www.fieldintech.com.

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