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Boost farm productivity with actionable operations data

Take control over your mechanical operations with real-time visibility.  Track your tractor and machinery fleet from anywhere and any device. Uncover new efficiency opportunities.  Cover 25% more acres per shift, more accurately. 
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Pioneer autonomous farming with Fieldin


Digitize Your Farm

Make your farm smart by outfitting every piece of equipment with Fieldin sensors.


Data And Insights

Boost your farm’s efficiency, accuracy and productivity, empowering you to cover up to 25% more acres per shift.


Deploy Autonomous Capabilities

Apply our LiDAR sensors and retrofit kits to your existing machinery, increasing utilization by 80% and reducing costs by 75%.


Decision Engine

Leverage artificial intelligence to optimize your farm’s day to day operation, from your fleet to your overarching infrastructure.


Reimagine Your Farm’s Design

Harness the opportunity to redesign every aspect of your farm and reap the full benefits of autonomy and precision.

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