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Monitor spraying, harvesting and other mechanized cultural practices, and receive actionable, real-time data that improves efficiencies across all operations

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We Provide Actionable Data Solutions for Commercial Growers

Founded in 2013, Fieldin’s smart farming platform helps specialty crop growers manage and optimize pesticide applications, harvest activities and other critical field operations.


Smart Spraying

Remove the blindfold from spraying activities with real-time spray data that ensures optimal timing and execution of spray events, as well as alerts for application errors such as missed rows, double sprays or unsuitable weather conditions.Learn More »

Smart Harvesting

Optimize harvest activities with real-time data for shakers (such as seconds per tree), sweepers, harvesters and other equipment, allowing managers to compare machines, operators, shaking patterns as well as yield data from various locations.Learn More »

Smart Cultural Practices

Gain similar transparency into other key cultural practices, comparing operators, analyzing shifts, refilling operations and more, leveraging industry benchmarks and insights from the largest specialty crop data set in the industry.Learn More »
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How Fieldin works with your operation

1. Installation

Our technicians handle all sensor installations on your equipment, customizing our solution to fit your cultural practices. Regular software updates keep you on the cutting edge of technology.

2. Integration

We integrate with your existing technologies, equipment and team members, with an easy-to-follow training program that gets managers and staff up to speed on the platform in no time at all.

3. Grower Support

After installation and integration, our dedicated Grower Support team will regularly work with your team to ensure platform adoption, provide custom reports, set up alerts and troubleshoot issues.

What Sets Us Apart

A Smart Farm Platform that’s for growers, by growers.

Fieldin was founded in 2013 by a group of growers, who were set on developing a Smart Farming Platform that sheds light on otherwise unmeasurable field operations.

Our Mission is to develop practical, state-of-the-art technologies that harness data to create effective and smart farms.

Fieldin will provide actionable, easy-to-use data at every stage of the growing cycle. From field scouting and spray planning, to the execution of harvest and other cultural practices, our analytics and insights will provide transparency and efficiencies for your entire operation.



We collect relevant data from dozens of data sources – all automated and easy to use


Make smart decisions based on field inputs, historical datasets, regulatory requirements and optimization algorithms


We analyze data to deliver optimization tools to ensure execution is aligned with your plan
A Closer Look at Our Platform

So Smart, it’s Simple


What growers are saying about Fieldin

Benefits of Fieldin’s real-time field data

Real-Time Tracking, Alerts

Track spray events, harvesting and other cultural practices and get alerts for missed trees, double sprays and more

Improve Efficiencies

Compare multiple machines, operators, spray or shaking patterns, and different blocks

Receive Daily Reports

Receive daily reports to grade performance or identify harvest or spray errors

Improve Communication

Leverage field data to improve overall transparency and efficiency throughout every step of the growing season

Company Updates


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Here to Support Our Growers

Amid growing concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19), Fieldin wants to note the safety and well-being of our growers, employees and partners continues to be our top priority. While we’re closely…