We help some of the largest growers in the world harvest technology to improve transparency and efficiency …

Using proprietary sensors and mobile apps, Fieldin’s technology seamlessly connects with harvesters, shakers, sweepers and other machinery to help growers better manage and optimize field activities.

Access Real-Time Data from Anywhere

Track harvesting data points in real-time, such as seconds per shake, seconds per tree, acres covered per hour

Get Alerts for Ineffective Shake, Drive Times

Set up alerts to prevent under or overshaking, or notifications for bankout.

Find and Fix Inefficiencies

Compare multiple machines, operators, shaking patterns and different blocks

Receive Daily Custom Reports

Get daily reports by email to grade performance or identify harvest errors

How It Works

Data collection

Fieldin’s smart sensors are installed on the equipment list provided by your operation.


All data is recorded in real-time and transmitted to the Fieldin platform for analysis with other machinery, operators and field conditions.

Decision making

Recommendations and conclusions are available in the dashboard, or emailed reports, for real-time analysis and management.

Actionable Data at Your Fingertips

Situational View to the Block Level

Get real precision data down to the block level, tracking:

  • Trees per shift
  • Seconds per tree
  • Seconds per shaking
  • Acres/hour

Avoid Equipment Failure Before It Happens

Leverage real-time data to avoid mechanical damage during shaking activities

Track run hours across all in-field machinery

Pinpoint Roadblocks in the Process

  • Track days from sweeping to shaking
  • Monitor days from shaking to picking
  • Set up custom alerts for other pain points in the process

Improve Harvest Activities, Now & Later

Use reports to compare shakers, operators and blocks, and improve operations for the current season and upcoming campaigns.

Data Analysis

Know What To Expect

Get a rundown of outstanding activities, identify wait times, shake times and what trees/rows/blocks remain.

Yield Prediction, Mapping

See where you’re at and where you’re heading with Fieldin’s yield prediction and mapping technology.
* Not available on all crops/equipment

Cost Analysis Breakdowns

Our summary reports provide breakdowns on everything from cost analysis to operator efficiency to ensure you’re getting the most out of your operations.

Improve Harvest Activities, Now & Later

Track harvest, spray and other data for each block on your operation, logging data and improving efficiencies and production for upcoming seasons.